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Revolution By Night - RBN

Friday, January 8, 2010


Monday, November 17, 2008


Those who made the trek down to Slimelight for the mid-club Straftanz gig might have noticed all members of RBN in attendance. Those with eagle-eyes might have noticed Kai drag Steve and myself on to join in the shouty stuff on the eponymous track "Straftanz". Needless to say, being a version neither Steve nor myself had heard before, it could have gone a wee bit south.
As I had to go more or less straight into work after the set I did a bit of a runner; as much of a runner as it is possible to do with a double tier ketboard stand under my arm anyway..

However, onwards and upwards, as they say. Not long until RBN do their own thing with Suicide Commando, another band RBN haven't supported before. There aren't many left! ;-)

Hopefully we'll see you guys down there on 29th Nov.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

8:49PM - Attention all RBN aware types out there!

For some reason RBN have 2 entries on the list.
My guess is we get one for being bleepy and one for having been a bit G-word about a dozen years ago. The only way it makes sense.

Go on people - we've not done a M'era Luna festival yet.
We'll release an album, promise...

Monday, April 14, 2008

2:39PM - Oops!

Looks like we've forgotten this LJ group for a while, so let me just say a big thanks to all who attended the Pride&Fall gig and made it a great evening. A special "ta matey" to elezium for handling our merch requirements. Hope the VMP shirt fits - I remembered just now that I owed one to darkstones, but at least I got the Nationality right!! *LOL* And kids, remember: water and electricity, despite whatever Marc might do (inc wrapping himself up in PVC), combining them isn't best practice.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

7:50PM - Slimelight Myspace

If you have a myspace account, click on this link to visit the slimelight myspace and add yourself ;)

Sunday, December 3, 2006


Pride and Fall fans ?


A new LJ community has been made -


Lots of photos, info and news posted regularly to keep all Pride and Fall fans up to date.

Also Questions for the band can be posted and we will get them answered asap

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A community for the band Pride and Fall (http://www.prideandfall.com) has just been started .... I thought I would be cheeky and cross post this for anyone who would like to join.

This is community for anyone interested in Pride and Fall, including information/news for you about up and coming Gigs, Festivals, Interviews, Releases and Photos. Post what you want when you want .... even Questions for the band and I'll do my best to get them answered for you :)


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

1:15PM - Woo hoo! Here it is - it's real! (Apologies for any cross-posting)

I've now got internet back, thx to a nice NTL tech man (and there ain't many of them lemme tell ya), so it's time to stick this under yer noses:

The first RBN live dates in the UK since... well, a looong time, and we'll be the only Brit band on that line-up, so come one come all and lend us yer ears (and dancing boots!)



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Monday, January 16, 2006



We need to opdate the band website (it's been over a year, FFS!) but I haven't a clue as to the details.
Things have been happening, I assure you.

Like what?
Weeeeell, for one, it looks like we may not be calling the album "Higher Ground" after all.
For another, we've thought about what we want to put on the album (available in a slightly longer time-span than the usual "soon")...

So far, various rough versions of "Machine Code" have been aired at Slimelight and thus far, the dancefloor has remained bopping. This is a good sign. I thought "Sie Rennt" was more or less finished, but there was something just not right if you know that feeling, and then we found a much better bass sound. So now it's much less finished than it was. Hah. Just typical.
Currently, We're working on stuff with the working titles of "City Lights" and "Integrity".
We'll come back to "Radio Angels" in a bit, and maybe "In Motion", "Someone Else" and "Nachdenken" as well. We have 3 other very promising numbers in varying stages of completion which need final titles.
Oh, also "Endless" and "Higher Ground (vox)" may get a re-structure for a vocal fit or a tweak for other reasons.
Which will leave us with "Empires And Dance", "Visions In Blue" and "Two Lines Deep".
I guess everyone knows these live by now (if you can read this) and simply put, the latter pair need remixing and the former needs vox. Done.
Anything not making the final selection of 12 will be available for compilations I guess.
That's one Helluva lot of work to be getting on with, by anyone's standards, far less our own!

Personally, I am determined that we shall be playing live this year in the UK.
European plans are already afoot.

Monday, July 4, 2005


I have a spare ticket for Jack Dee at Hammy Apollo tonight!

It's free, it will be televised, and doors are open from 6.30pm and closed by 7.20pm!

Anyone want it? ALl you have to do is get to Hammersmith tonight!

Lemme know soonest on 07960 170852

Friday, July 1, 2005


T tried for a couple of tix for "LIVE AT THE APOLLO"
hosted by Jack Dee at the Hammersmith Apollo on Monday 4th July.

She was sent 4 tix. She's doing the usual "dunno if we can both go" but that notwithstanding,
it'd leave 2 or even 3 tix for grabs if anyone wants them.
Taryn & Hamish - that your kind of thing?
Of course, there's a 50:50 chance that T would decide to come, but that'd still leave a pair of tix.
I'd even make sure I sat between T and the the tix takers!

G'wan, you know he'll be good!

Free Tickets....
Off The Kerb Productions in conjunction with Open Mike Productions Ltd are offering free tickets for the second TV series of Jack Dee Live At The Apollo. The shows will be recorded at the Hammersmith Apollo on Monday 4th, Tueday 5th, Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th July. Each show will feature stand up from Jack and some very special performences from some of the biggest names in comedy. Last series featured barnstorming sets from the likes of Joan Rivers, Ross Noble, Omid Djalili and Ardal O'Hanlon. The series will be broadcast this autumn on BBC1 and trust us there are some stella names already lined up. "

OK, I'll forgive "stella" this once.

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Thursday, June 9, 2005


I think we should update the Revolution By Night website, huh?

Assuming the man is around who does it, or someone knows the ftp details?
Little things like that.


Oh, and, "Hi" y'all...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Errr... umm... anyone not bloody going to WGT then?

Friday, June 25, 2004

10:24AM - Black Celebration...

Since every other band is doing it:-

This year's Black Celebration (ebm/electro/industrial event) in London is going to be a two-day event as opposed to the usual one day.

As per the information at http://www.flagpromotions.com, Sir Francis of the Flag
is giving people the chance to vote for which bands they'd like to
see play the event.

So, whether you're going to Black Celebration or not, please mail
mailto:blackcelebration@flagpromotions.com with a list of your top 3
favourite bands...

Of course – maybe RBN could be top?


Please get as many people to email as possible and VOTE RBN – WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!! ;o)

P.S I’m voting for:-

Absurd Minds

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

2:03PM - Gig: Hamburg - 12 June 2004

We are supporting Das Ich, Deine Lakaein, Mesh and The Cruxshadows at a festival in Hannover (not Hamburg which I incorrectly thought it was), Germany on 12th June 2004.


Sunday, December 28, 2003

3:23PM - check it out

If you listen to GODMODULE join the fucking community
http://www.livejournal.com/community/god_module/ :D

Thursday, October 9, 2003

11:50PM - Prod

So what's the gossip then?

Monday, July 28, 2003

2:30PM - Review from www.starvox.net

Revolution By Night
Faithless EP ( Sonic-X)
~reviewed by Uncle Nemesis
It's been a long time coming, but here it is: the new EP from Revolution By Night. This release has already notched up a placing in the Deutsche Alternative Chart - number 14, if I recall correctly. That's an achievement not to be sneezed at, especially given that RBN are the first UK underground scene band to break into the DAC since the likes of VNV Nation and Mesh stuck their feet in the door a few years back. Of course, it probably helps that RBN are on a German label, and the band have been promoted heavily in the Germany, but that just amounts to good strategy. These days, given the fact that our home-territory scene is relatively small and frustratingly insular, it makes a lot of sense for UK bands to point themselves in the direction of the real action.

You get nine tracks. Five mixes of 'Faithless', a couple of newies, and two 'archive tracks' - reworked versions of a couple of old songs from RBN's murky past. It's the title track which grabs the attention, though: a slinky synth number which, although it certainly has dance floor potential, is clearly a *song* first and foremost, rather than simply club track. The vocals, surrounded by a lush rainforest of layered synth lines, drawl lazily against the beat in an almost world-weary tone: 'You know there's always something...unexpected'. The rhythm itself is subtly danceable, rather than a forceful four-on-the-floor club beat, and the whole thing has an individuality which is less common than it should be in these troubled times.

And so to the remixes. Tom Shear of Assemblage 23 remakes the track in a somewhat more conventional hands-in-the-air club-anthem style, bringing in a solidly dance-oriented bom-thwack-bom-thwack beat and generally EBM-ing the whole thing up. To my ears, it's not entirely successful - the vocals sit rather uneasily with the bangin' beat. But it's the VNV Nation remix which, somewhat to my surprise, takes the prize. It pushes the song in a different direction from the original - and sounds nothing like VNV Nation! I was half expecting the song to be remodelled into a virtual VNV-track, as has happened before with other VNV remixes (Das Ich's 'Destillat' being the classic example). In fact, Ronan Harris (for it is he) has constructed a cinemascope showstopper in which the beat remains subtly in the background, but the synths build and build, creating an uplifting, almost orchestral music which stands in complete opposition to the downbeat vocals. As a result, the track gains a kind of taking-on-the-world feel which really does work. Well, I never thought I'd find myself paying compliments to Mister Glowsticks himself, but in this instance Ronan Harris has come up with a good 'un.

The new RBN album should be along later this year, and if this EP is any guide it'll be worth waiting for. It's about time we had an electronic band which can touch base with the club crowd and the dance floors, while at the same time avoiding all the stomp-and-chant, wave-your-hands-in-the-air cliches of the genre. Could RBN be that band? Let's hope so.

Incidentally - technical query: when I play this CD on my computer, why does the info flung up on my monitor by Windows Media player give me the track listing of 'Breathe', the old-skool goth album released by an early incarnation of RBN some years back? Heads are going to roll at the pressing plant when the band discover that!

The tunestack:
Faithless (Radio edit)
Faithless (Pandora) (Remix by Tom Shear/Assemblage 23)
Higher Ground (Voxless)
Faithless (Remix by Ronan Harris/VNV Nation)
Faithless (Full length)
Faithless (Edit) (Remix by Ronan Harris/VNV Nation)
Selling Heaven (HRH135 mix)
Condition One (V2.0)

The players:
Steve Weeks: Programming, keyboards, vocals
Bryon Adamson-Woods: Programming, keyboards, guitars
Kevin King: Live keyboards

The website: http://www.revolutionbynight.com

Reviewed by Uncle Nemesis: http://www.nemesis.to


Wednesday, July 16, 2003

3:49PM - The first post

Welcome one and all! :o)